1. Fiduciary Duty of a San Francisco Entrepreneur

    Fiduciary duty is the relationship between two parties and the obligation of one to act in the interest of another. Knowing your fiduciary duties to others and under what circumstances you could breach that duty is important for any of your current and future business transactions.  Entrepreneurship in San Francisco can be exciting and challenging, and keeping up with all the complex laws can be …Read More

  2. Small Business Growing Pains

    Businesses never grow in a vacuum. Anytime a business increases its market share, another business inevitably had to give up that slice of the pie. They say that to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs, and growing your business works much the same way; like it or not, as your business grows you will collide more and more with the interests of your competitors. Disputes between businesses…Read More

  3. Starting Your Startup

    Every successful business begins the same way: with paperwork. Yes, even in the San Francisco area, the new home to hyper-successful startups and arrays of small businesses that are influencing business models on a global scale. Every business begins in the same simple, mundane way; from the business that barely makes it off the ground to the next billion dollar idea, it all really starts with the…Read More

  4. About Our San Francisco Small Business Lawyers

    At Coepio Legal, we pride ourselves on our expert representation for all small business legal needs. The San Francisco area is experiencing an unprecedented amount of growth in small businesses and startup companies, and these businesses need a special touch when it comes to legal advice. We are proud to specialize in helping local businesses with legal navigation. We offer a wide suite of à la c…Read More

  5. Welcome to the Coepio Legal Small Business Attorney Blog

    Hello and welcome to the brand new Coepio Legal small business attorney blog. In the coming months, we will be using this space to discuss a number of topics surrounding starting a small business as well as the myriad ways we may be able to provide legal assistance as your small business attorney. At Coepio Legal, our San Francisco firm is both experienced in entrepreneurship as well as extensivel…Read More