Businesses never grow in a vacuum. Anytime a business increases its market share, another business inevitably had to give up that slice of the pie. They say that to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs, and growing your business works much the same way; like it or not, as your business grows you will collide more and more with the interests of your competitors. Disputes between businesses can get costly quickly, and not just monetarily.

Business Disputes Can Be Pricy

Most small businesses run into disputes with larger, more seasoned companies. Bigger companies tend to “pick on” smaller companies for a number of reasons, but in every instance feel that they have the resources (and the pockets) available to outlast the smaller business. A larger business may try legal action against you simply for the intimidation factor. Our small business lawyers are skilled at evading, and in many cases preventing, these attacks against your business. Failure to properly prepare yourself for these risks can create a losing scenario in which a combination of legal fees and/or potentially unfavorable rulings can mean huge costs for your business. Of course, the monetary cost is a concern, but other potentials may be worse, such as loss of intellectual property rights or being forced to pull out of a market entirely.

The System Works For You Also

While most of us hope to never see a courtroom or have to deal with any type of legal proceeding, the truth is that part of growth is also taking offensive legal action. As your business scales upwards, it is likely that others will wrongfully utilize your intellectual property or otherwise illegally compete against you. Taking action against these parties, when appropriate, can tremendously impact the way your business interacts with the market. The growth of the San Francisco small business scene has created a powder keg of business activity, and the unfortunate few who attempt growth without seeking legal advice when analyzing opportunities and threats risk putting themselves on the losing end of lawsuits they never saw coming. Our team can help to keep you on the right side of present and future legal disputes.

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