At Coepio Legal, we pride ourselves on our expert representation for all small business legal needs. The San Francisco area is experiencing an unprecedented amount of growth in small businesses and startup companies, and these businesses need a special touch when it comes to legal advice. We are proud to specialize in helping local businesses with legal navigation. We offer a wide suite of à la carte services ranging from the founding of to the ongoing management of your small business. Some of the legal aspects we help our clients with each day include:

Starting Your Business

The formation of a new business is an exciting time, however it is crucial to remain vigilant with the legal foundation upon which your business will be built. We have all the tools necessary to help you get your business safely off the ground, including expert advice on whether to form your business as a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC). From there, we can guide you through the entire legal creation process, secure your intellectual property, and assist with the drafting of all contracts.

Small Business Expansion

The goal of most startups is growth, and typically that means rapid growth. If you are looking to grow your business, then you will need sound legal advice to properly navigate around the potential pitfalls that can stall out or stop your expansion goals. The larger you grow, the more likely it is you will come into conflict with another business. Settling these disputes quickly and effectively is key to continued growth. Another major piece of the puzzle for many small business is financial backing, and we can help you determine the right partnerships and ensure that you will not get taken advantage of by thoroughly examining any and all drafts and contracts.

Business Exits

Exiting your business does not always mean that you have failed, in fact for many small businesses the end goal is for it to one day be “acquired” by a larger business. If you are looking to dissolve or sell your business, there are a great number of legalities that we can help you to consider and avoid. Whether your business exit involves a merger or acquisition, a sale of assets, or a full-scale dissolution, our attorneys have the expertise to guide you through this transition.

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