When considering starting your own business, the thought of working for yourself, running your own company, and making your own decisions can be exhilarating. With this excitement also comes the new-found responsibilities associated with establishing a business and it’s often easy to overlook all of the legal logistics. At Coepio Legal, our team of exceptional attorneys will work around the clock to help you get your business up and running in a timely fashion.

Hiring an attorney is absolutely necessary to provide you with assistance through all aspects as you begin this journey.

We strive to provide you with all necessary information to ensure that you understand what you need to file and that you are properly covered so you can start your business off  in the right direction. We believe in guiding each one of our clients through the process of choosing an entity for his or her business, filing the correct paperwork with the state, and setting up all necessary post-formation documents. We will also provide you with the proper guidance on how to maintain your chosen entity to enjoy liability protection. Once the business is set up, Coepio Legal offers related services such as assistance with bringing on a first investor or employee, protecting intellectual property, obtaining insurance, and setting up contracts.

The start up services that we provide are as follows:

  • Business formation

The first and most important task for starting your business is determining what type of business organization you want to establish. Our attorneys can help you decide whether you should register as a corporation or limited liability company  and guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Whether you are starting a C Corp, S Corp, Professional Corp, LLC, Partnership, or Non-Profit, we can help you with all entity formations and conversions.

  • Financing

We help you decide what type of investor may be the right one for you. We also prepare all financing documentation including the drafting of promissory notes, convertible notes, stock purchase agreements, and much more.

  • Employment

To assist your business in building out its day-to-day operations, Coepio Legal can help guide you through all employment-related decisions. We can help you hire your first employees, issue equity compensation, and guide you through appropriate state and federal requirements for taxing purposes. We can also provide you guidance with hiring independent contractors, founder and officer departures, as well as all other employee departures.

  • Intellectual Property

Your business needs to be protected, especially if what you have founded is in the media, marketing, creative, or design industry. We will provide you with all copyright and trademark registrations, document IP assignment and nondisclosure agreements, and we will assist you with obtaining any patents that you need.

  • Contracts

When it comes to contracts, Coepio Legal will take the time to understand your business inside and out. We will take care towards drafting and reviewing all purchase orders, terms and conditions, consulting agreements, and vendor agreements. In fact, we can review and draft just about anything that you might need.

  • Insurance

Your business is your baby; we understand that you never want to see anything unfortunate happen to it. For this reason alone, it is pertinent that you have the right insurance to protect against liability exposure and other misfortunes – we can help you with obtaining that.

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Above all else, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship, which is why we formed Coepio Legal. Our dream is to ensure that small businesses in our community have the legal support to make educated decisions for their business and stay open permanently. We look forward to hearing from you.