Whether you are starting a new business or thinking of altering the one you already have, the contracts you use are of vital importance for shaping your business. Because these legal documents can have a major impact on your business and your livelihood, it’s imperative that you know which will best fit your needs

General Business Contracts

This subset of business contracts is the group that will shape the running of your business. Included are contracts like your property or equipment leases, non-disclosure agreements, and even partnership agreements. These are the contracts that, if there are any disputes, will dictate who has the legal right to make a decision for changing how your business is run.

dreamstime_xxl_15337740Employment Contracts

Particularly as you start up a new business, you will need some form of agreement to dictate the roles for employers and employees. Employment contracts also include independent contractor contracts, for those employees who do not fall under the usual employment contract. To protect your business, you may also want to draw up a non-compete agreement. This will ensure that former employees cannot leave your employ and compete against your business for a given amount of time.

Sales Contracts

Sales contracts are the legal documents that dictate the legal ownership of a product. This subset of contracts can include purchase orders and bills of sale, both of which serve as a legal agreement over price, quantity, and other purchase or sale specifications. As an example, when selling a car, a bill of sale is drawn up to denote that legal ownership of the vehicle was transferred for a given payment.

Contracts are a vital part of keeping your business running smoothly. An expert contract lawyer, like our attorneys at Coepio Legal in San Francisco, can help you be sure every contract will safeguard your business and help everything run the way you want. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a contract lawyer!

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