We’ve all seen the TV shows that show alleged criminals in handcuffs demanding to speak to their lawyer. Of course, the business world is exciting in entirely different ways from imaginary crime shows; therefore, it may be less clear in the general day-to-day shuffle of things as to when you should get your business attorney involved.

Times You Will Need Your Business Attorney

As a business owner, you can certainly navigate your fair share of minor legal documents. Something like documenting a meeting at your LLC does not require the attention of your business lawyer, but there are definitely things that should prompt you to pick up the phone right away. These include:

  • Disputes with any former, current, or even potential vendor or contractor, including a breach of contract
  • Hiring an employee or independent contractor, including equity compensation
  • Difficulty working with your business partners and infighting
  • Choosing and creating a business entity such as an LLC, partnership, or corporation
  • Preparation of the agreement that you and your business partners will operate under such as an Operating Agreement, Bylaws, or a Partnership Agreement
  • If you believe you have breached a contract or want to know what your rights are under a contract
  • Taking on financing for your business in the form of issuing equity (stock, shares, membership interest, or units), or taking on debt (promissory notes, or convertible notes)
  • Contract drafting or review either for internal business use or with third parties
  • When and if you consider the sale or negotiation of sale of your company, or the acquisition of another company or its assets

Get Ahead of Problems

The best way to prevent problems is to address them before they escalate by keeping a regular relationship with your business attorney. Many current and future San Francisco  business owners turn to the expert business lawyers at Coepio Legal for their consultation. Reach out today for representation of your own!