The first step in preparing to set up a corporation is choosing a name for your company

It is important that the name is not the same or deceptively similar to another already existing company’s name. The California Secretary of State (SOS) will not grant a name reservation if your company name is not distinguishable from an already existing company.

Names that may mislead the public – for example, names that include words such as “Commission” that imply government affiliation – will likely not be granted.

A business entity name must use the English alphabet and/or Arabic numerals. A business entity identifier, such as “Incorporated” or “Limited,” may be used in the corporate name but is not mandatory. See all of the naming restrictions here.

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You can request a free preliminary check of the availability of a name by mailing a Name Availability Inquiry Letter to the SOS office in Sacramento. Unfortunately, you cannot currently do this electronically. This inquiry does not reserve your company name.

You can reserve your company name with the SOS for a period of 60 days by filling out a Name Reservation Request Form and mailing it in. Follow all listed fees and instructions for increasing your chances.

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Going through this formation process alone can leave your future business vulnerable and can even make you liable for damages or losses incurred by your business if done incorrectly. Mitigate the risk of attempting this without a business attorney by contacting our expert corporate lawyers today!
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