1. Protecting Your Trade Secrets in San Francisco

    If you are a business owner who has a product or service that is different than anyone else, you may have a legally protected “trade secret.” These are the secret sauce that makes your product or service unique and different than anyone else’s in your industry. Officially, a trade secret is legally protected intellectual property that is owned by the business and can include processes of pro…Read More

  2. NDAs – What They Are and Why You Might Want One

    Have you ever watched a show like Shark Tank and thought to yourself, “I thought of that (product/process/etc.) years ago! Why does this guy get to profit from it?” The answer to that may be a patent, but more likely, it’s because of a Non-Disclosure Agreement. You may have come up with that idea years ago, but if you talked about it with friends while out to dinner, there isn’t anything s…Read More

  3. 3 Steps To Entering Into Vendor Contracts

    For many businesses, working with contract attorneys is an afterthought. Worse yet, many small business owners make the mistake of believing that legal advice is something one must wait until after a certain level of scale has been reached to implement, and this is just untrue. By partnering with an experienced contract attorney often and early through the formation or expansion of your business, …Read More

  4. Types of Business Contracts

    Whether you are starting a new business or thinking of altering the one you already have, the contracts you use are of vital importance for shaping your business. Because these legal documents can have a major impact on your business and your livelihood, it’s imperative that you know which will best fit your needs General Business Contracts This subset of business contracts is the group that wil…Read More