Are you looking to grow your small business? Through our experience and our a-la-carte attorney services, your small business can grow into the venture of your dreams. At Coepio Legal, it is our goal to be there whenever you need us for whatever you need us for. Whether you have a legal question you need answered or a specific legal service in mind, you can rest easy knowing that we are on your side and want to see you grow. You can come to us whenever you need.

The growth of your business can present you with endless new opportunities; it is our goal to guide you through the legal implications so you can come out on top.

Our business expansion services include:

Business Disputes – It is almost inevitable that with the growth of your business, you will have disputes with other companies or persons. If this occurs, you can trust our attorneys to support you through contract disputes.

Financing – Our attorneys can help you determine a stable, realistic financial strategy so you can clearly see where your business is headed. We also prepare all financing documentation including the drafting of promissory notes, convertible notes, stock purchase agreements and much more.

New Employees and Independent Contractors – Expansion inevitably leads to the on-boarding of more employees, and as your business grows you will have to consider how many new employees you will need as well as possible outside independent contractors. Our attorneys can guide you through legal decisions pertaining to these matters and prepare the necessary documentation to carry out those decisions.

Contracts – Growth produces the need to draft a variety of contracts with suppliers, vendors, and partners who all become essential in helping your business to grow. We can help you review old contracts, create new ones, and prevent potential legal liability.

Business Combination – As your business grows, you may consider entering the realm of mergers and acquisitions. We will guide you through processes associated with these decisions, such as asset purchases and legal requirements. We’ll do so by proving you with viable information and the details needed to make educated decisions.

Intellectual Property – Intellectual property protection is absolutely necessary throughout the growth of your business. Your business needs to be protected, especially if what you have founded is in the media, marketing, creative, or design industry. We will provide you with prepared non-disclosure acts and help point you in the right direction for other IP matters.

General Counsel – General counsel plays an important role in the growth of your business. We’re on call whenever legal questions come up.  With just one agreement, we’ll be on your side to handle any legal questions or services as needed.

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At Coepio Legal, we aim to help entrepreneurs thrive and succeed. Our passion for business and law could very well be the missing component that enables your business to expand, prosper, and make a name for itself. Contact our firm today to learn more and get started.